What is the Best Way to Send South African Rand to Israel?

When it comes to wire transferring Rand to Israel and converting to shekels, there are several factors to consider when choosing a currency exchange company:
  • Receiving the best exchange rate
  • Currency market trading expertise
  • Safety and security of funds
  • Knowledge of the Israeli banking system
  • High quality customer service
send money to israel
With over 30 years of industry experience, and over 1 billion shekels exchanged, no other currency exchange company is more equipped to save you money and time than IsraTransfer when wiring money to Israel.  Our premium exchange rates save you up to 5% when converting your euros to shekels, and unlike banks we charge no hidden commissions or other service fees.  The rate we quote you is always the one that you receive.

Why Transfer Rand to Israel?

There is no shortage of reasons for transferring Rand to Israel.  Some of these include:
  • Offsetting the costs incurred when making Aliyah
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Buying property in Israel for investment
  • Helping to pay for living expenses
  • Making mortgage payments on your Israel real estate
No matter what your needs are for transferring Rand to Israel, the goal should always be the same – to get the most amount shekels for your US dollars with the least amount of hassle required.

How Do You Convert ZAR to ILS Online?

Exchanging your ZAR to ILS has never been easier and more convenient than with IsraTransfer’s Online Client Access portal.  Through its intuitive interface clients are able to request USD to ILS conversions online, wherever they are and whenever they want.  Available exclusively to IsraTransfer clients, Online Client Access provides complete currency exchange management with additional features including:
  • Obtaining live exchange rate quotes
  • Initiating wire transfers
  • Creating customized email and SMS text alerts
  • Viewing past statements and trade confirmations
  • Editing personal information and more
With IsraTransfer’s Online Client Access portal converting and transferring your EUR to shekels is now as simple as the click of a button.

How Long Does it Take to Send Money to Israel?

The actual wiring of your Rand to Israel and converting them to shekels takes hardly any time at all.  Unfortunately, however, the unavoidable administrative tasks and other regulatory requirements have the potential to bring the process to a grinding halt.
Thankfully our expert English-speaking staff has the extensive experience dealing with Israel’s complex banking system, and will help walk you through the process.  Whether you need assistance processing the sometimes confusing paperwork, require a builder’s voucher payment, or simply want us to call the bank on your behalf, we are always at your service, and ready to help.
With IsraTransfer, in most cases exchanging your ZAR to ILS and transferring them to your bank can take as little as one business day.

What is the Safest Way to Transfer Funds to Israel?

For some people, transferring money overseas, including to Israel, is a process that can be a source of anxiety.  That said, knowing the right questions to ask when doing your research can go a long way in helping to set your mind at easy, and will assist you in avoiding unnecessary risk.
safest way to transfer money to israel

Some of these questions include:

  • Is the currency exchange company licensed and regulated by the Israel Ministry of Finance?
  • Is the currency exchange company compliant with all of Israel’s anti-money laundering laws and regulations?
  • Does the currency exchange company provide any additional proprietary security features?
  • Does the currency exchange company have favorable reviews about it posted online?
At IsraTransfer the safety and security of your money is our top priority.  We are fully licensed and regulated by the Israel Ministry of Finance (license number 514135235), and are diligent in adhering to all regulatory requirements including Know Your Client (KYC), and all other anti-money laundering statutes.

The AACI Currency Exchange Program

As Israel’s most trusted currency exchange experts we have been selected as the exclusive operator of the AACI Currency Exchange Program since its inception in 2011.  This free value-added service provides clients with an added layer of security by providing complete AACI oversight through the entire transfer process, and is available to both AACI members and non-members alike.

Service with a Personal Touch

Want to learn more about how IsraTransfer can help you?  Set up a time to speak on the phone.