Buying a home in Israel?

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Hassle-free transfers

We will guide you through every step of the process, including working directly with your lawyer or mortgage broker to ensure your funds are received on time and in accordance with contract stipulations.

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Payment management

We can take care of all the financial bureaucracy that comes with buying a home, including the payment of builders’ vouchers, tax vouchers and preparing banker’s drafts.

Recently my wife and I bought an apartment in Israel and needed to convert currency from American dollars to Shekels in order to complete the purchase. We researched different means for the conversion and after carefully reviewing the options decided upon IsraTransfer. We have been very pleased with the services.

Aviel Eidelman

Experience matters. That’s why our clients keep coming back.

Whether it be the language barrier, inconvenient opening hours, or impatient clerks, dealing with the banks in Israel can be frustrating, to say the least. At IsraTransfer, we promise friendly and efficient service from people who understand your language and culture.

Our professional staff will guide you through every aspect of your wire transfers and currency exchange – with a smile. So sit back and relax while we save you money.

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