Simply the Best Way to Transfer Currency Overseas

Israel’s best exchange rates, unmatched security, and hassle-free service

Guaranteed savings of up to 5% on all your foreign currency exchanges and with absolutely no hidden fees

*The above shows how many shekels a client would have received for $100,000 if they would have converted at 2pm on September 21st 2016.

Many currency transfer companies and banks confuse clients by advertising attractive exchange rates then adding hidden fees later. We explain everything upfront – clearly and without the jargon.
So how do we save you money? Unlike the banks, we don’t charge you to receive or convert your own money. So how do we make our money? We take a percentage off the interbank rate, which is based on the amount transferred.

There are no surprise charges, and you won’t need a finance degree to understand what you’re paying and why. Any questions? Just ask, our expert English-speaking staff is always ready to assist.


Convenient Online Client Access

Exchanging your foreign currency to shekels has never been more simple and convenient than with IsraTransfer’s Online Client Access portal.  Through its intuitive interface clients are able to easily request currency conversions online, wherever they are and whenever they want.  Available exclusively to IsraTransfer clients, Online Client Access provides complete currency exchange management with additional features including:

  • Obtaining live exchange rate quotes
  • Initiating wire transfers
  • Creating customized email and SMS text alerts
  • Viewing past statements and trade confirmations
  • Editing personal information and more

Service with a Personal Touch

Want to learn more about how IsraTransfer can help you?  Set up a time to speak to speak on the phone.

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