Every day thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide rely on IsraTransfer to save them money on wire transfers to Israel.

Find out how IsraTransfer can help you with your overseas money transfer to Israel.

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Exchange currency and initiate online transfers with the click of a button.


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Review and download trade confirmations and statements.

For Individuals

Making aliyah
Buying property in Israel
Regular transfers
Foreign salaries
Learn more about how IsraTransfer can save you money on foreign currency transfers.

For Businesses

Receiving money from employers
Receiving invoice payments
Transferring funds in and out of the country
Risk solution strategies
Learn more about how IsraTransfer can increase your profit margin.

Better exchange rates, unmatched security, and hassle-free service.  How sending money to Israel should be done.

We guarantee the best exchange rates by up to 5% and with no hidden fees.

*The above shows how many shekels a client would have received for $100,000 if they would have converted at 2pm on September 21st 2016.

Many currency transfer companies and banks confuse clients by advertising attractive exchange rates then adding hidden fees later. We explain everything upfront – clearly and without the jargon.
So how do we save you money? Unlike the banks, we don’t charge you to receive or convert your own money. So how do we make our money? We take a percentage off the interbank rate, which is based on the amount transferred.

There are no surprise charges, and you won’t need a finance degree to understand what you’re paying and why. Any questions? Just ask, our expert English-speaking staff is always ready to assist.

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