Save thousands of shekels when transferring money to buy property in Israel. Literally.

You need more than just the right house and a good lawyer when buying property in Israel. Let us consider the currency market – one less thing for you to take care of.

Take the stress out of buying a property – at least some of it!

Hassle-free transfers

We will guide you through every step of the process, including working directly with your lawyer or mortgage broker to ensure your funds are received on time and in accordance with contract stipulations.

Increased spending power

With the best exchange rates, perfectly timed conversions, and no receiving charges or additional fees, we can make your money go further.

Payment management

We can take care of all the financial bureaucracy that comes with buying a home, including the payment of builders’ vouchers, tax vouchers and preparing banker’s drafts.
Recently my wife and I bought an apartment in Israel and needed to convert currency from American dollars to Shekels in order to complete the purchase. We researched different means for the conversion and after carefully reviewing the options decided upon IsraTransfer. We have been very pleased with the services. Aviel Eidelman

We can help protect you from the exchange rate volatility you’re exposed to when buying a property.

Don’t worry – our experts will explain the options and customize a contract that works for you.

Spot Contracts

Purchase, transfer and receive funds at the best rate possible.
Right now.

Rate Alerts

Receive live notifications of the best exchange rates so you can transfer at the most opportune moment. Timing is everything.

Forward Contracts

Fix an exchange rate in advance to avoid currency market risks for up to a year. Peace of mind.

Market Analysis

Get tips from our experts so that you can navigate the trends in an uncertain market in the safest way possible. Knowledge is power.

Limit Orders

Set a maximum or minimum rate to buy or sell currency. We’ll take care of the rest.

Expert currency transfer services

with the customer service you’re used to.

Avoid the hassle of the banks, and deal with professionals who understand your needs. Meet the team.

IsraTransfer is licensed by the Israel Ministry of Finance and the exclusive operator of the AACI Currency Exchange Program. Read more about security.

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