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We can help you get the best rates and avoid unnecessary fees when transferring funds – from that initial revolutionary idea through first and second stage funding.

Over the last 20 years, Israel – nicknamed “Silicon Wadi”- has become the #1 country for tech startups outside the US, with many major international companies choosing to set up R&D centers here to tap into local talent and ingenuity. With funds coming in from global investors all over the world, young entrepreneurs can lose money on currency transfers that they could be using to bring revolutionary ideas to the marketplace. We can help you get the best rates and avoid unnecessary fees when transferring funds – from the initial idea through first and second stage funding.

We’re in the business of global currency transfers. We’ll focus on ours, so that you can focus on yours.

Maximize your profit margins

We not only offer you the best exchange rates, we also analyze market trends to advise you on the most opportune time to send your funds.

Strengthen your business relationships

When transferring funds to partners and clients, your reputation is on the line. We will help you route international payments accurately, so that your funds arrive as quickly, smoothly and cheaply as possible.

Increase your cash flow

By securing a rate with a lower deposit level than required by your bank, you can reserve your resources to invest in your business and purchase more stock.

Avoid additional fees

Avoid the receiving fees charged by the bank when wiring a foreign currency into your Israeli account, as well as the conversion fees charged when converting between currencies. We tell you exactly what percentage we take from the interbank rate and guarantee no hidden fees – ever!

Save time, money and hassle

Register online and transfer your money in 48 hours or less – in any major currency, without the hassle of dealing with your bank.

“I have always found everyone at IsraTransfer to be very customer focused, responding promptly to any queries and providing a first class service.”

Leslie Wagner

Protect your business from fluctuations in the market with risk solutions tailored to meet your needs

Don’t worry – our experts will explain the options and customize a contract that works for you.

Spot Contracts

Purchase, transfer and receive funds at the best rate possible.
Right now.

Rate Alerts

Receive live notifications of the best exchange rates so you can transfer at the most opportune moment. Timing is everything.

Forward Contracts

Fix an exchange rate in advance to avoid currency market risks for up to a year. Peace of mind.

Market Analysis

Get tips from our experts so that you can navigate the trends in an uncertain market in the safest way possible. Knowledge is power.

Limit Orders

Set a maximum or minimum rate to buy or sell currency. We’ll take care of the rest.

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